Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Brazilian Wax

I didn't particularly want to blog about my first Brasilian wax in Brasil by a Brasilera... (Dad, don't read this!!). But when I was researching more info when we came here on holiday in 2006, and before we moved here this time I couldn't find any information so wanted to make sure there was something out there for the next person. For me, what was nerve wracking, was the language barrier so I had to make sure I was prepared.

I had the chance to ask one of my new friends on the weekend. So here's the lowdown - you can get them done at most cabeleireros (hairdressers), and for a 'completo', which is everything as in legs, brazilian, underarms it should cost about R50-70. A brazilian wax should only cost abut R15-20. 

I had picked out a cabeleireros around the corner on one of our daily walks. My portuguese is basic enough to ask if I could have a depilação, and after waves of portuguese rattled off at me and me nodding my head and smiling I was ushered into a small room in the back. Sophie was being 'muito linda'd' at by the receptionist so I left her there. First bonus, she used hot wax rather than strip wax (evil evil strip wax!). Secondly, she was super fast and thorough. Thirdly, I learnt some new portuguese words (see below).

The wax cost R30 - ok, so I got ripped off a little - but I haven't learnt how to complain in portuguese yet. And Sophie was still there with the receptionist when I came out. I'll put the extra down to the cost of babysitting for me! So I have survived my first (but certainly not last) brasilian wax here in Brasil. It's essential... particularly as we are going on holiday next week to Parity with some Paulistanos. Now I need to go and buy a brazilian bikini...

Eu gostaria - I would like
depilação - depilation
quente - ow, hot!
ligne - line
pinçer - tweezer 
anus - anus (not 'anos', I thought she was asking me how many anos (years) we were going to live in SP..)

p.s. I have recommendations for hot waxers in NY, Singapore, Wellington and London. Email me if you need one!


  1. My post today is about these as well !
    Soooo funny!
    I'm so jelous!

  2. ahahaha, this is ironic. i'm going for a wax today :P

    i've only been here now for 2 months straight as a final move after leaving for 6 months to go back to seattle to finish that life and start a new one. i'm not actually in the city, i live about an hour north west in a small countryside city called Indaiatuba, but as crazy as it sounds i love going to sao paulo. was just there last night for a friend's concert.

    i'm going on a beach holiday this weekend too and haven't had a wax in 2 months, so i've been stressing about this for like a week. my husband is brazilian so i usually don't have to go through the expatriate difficulties (like this) alone, but this time he was clueless. aiai. hopefully i picked the right one :P but i too made sure to get my vocabulary ready: "Mais quente por favor!!!!"

  3. ohhh... a great read. This topic has been on my mind since my move to SP is getting closer... Mind sharing with me the location? I'm going to be moving to SP city by August :)


  4. Hey Gwen! There are lots of places to choose from - I would just go to the closest hairdresser to where you are staying and work my way from there. If you are living somewhere central there is bound to be a hairdresser on every block!

    Ahh another important word is 'virilha' which is your groin area - so you can just ask for this specifically. good luck!

  5. hi Jaime, will be going a trip to SP next month. Do you have any suggestions on things to do in and around the Moema area? My Portuguese is pretty bad so i'm a bit scared to explore. haha. Btw, since you're from Sao Paulo, do you know of any photographers that do engagement shoots in SP? thanks!


    1. Hi Gen! It's so funny you say that about Moema as I was just saying the same thing to my husband the other day as we were driving through Moema. We stayed there first when we arrived (off the back of travelling through Australi and NZ) and my perceptions and ideas were all very different. I thought Moema was only OK, and I slowly explored it block by block, day by day.
      Now that I have been in Sao Paulo over 2 years, everytime I go through I think of it differently! It has lots of nice restaurants and bars, some cute shops too. There is a cute street called Rua Normandia which has Freddo, the argentinian icrecream parlour and a lovely tapas restaurant. Don't be scared to walk around - just take off your watch and put some cash in your pocket for some icecream, and watch the roads when you cross!
      I just posted about Mallory who has a fantastic photographer but also have a couple of other people you can contact as well. You can email me on, beijo

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