Monday, 29 March 2010

The one thing I hate the most!

For those of you who know me, you know I have a special relationship with cockroaches.

They love me.... they love to run after me , surprise me in the shower, hide in my laundry basket or sometimes just want to hang out and watch TV with me. 

Surprisingly I can't stand them. In my mind they range on a scale of big, massive to ginormous! So one of my few qualms of moving to Sao Paulo - a big, hot, sweaty and dirty city - were cockroaches. (I will give London one point). I can recount every meeting I have ever had one in detail. I've called my mum from inside my room to save me from a giant cockroach waiting outside my door. I've moved tables at Taj Mahal restaurant in Chung King Mansions when there was one crawling on the wall.  I've had to call housekeeping to get rid of one having a shower with me. I have literally cried being in the presence of one.

But to my delight I hadn't seen a single one  - not in the apartment, on the street or in any restaurants ... until today. I stepped out of our apartment block and there lying on the road was a MASSIVE, squished roach. I had to look twice to double check before I screamed. Sophie giggled. I'm sure that is not the last time but will make sure to carry a can of spray in my handbag from now onwards : (

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