Thursday, 11 March 2010

We are finally here!

We have finally arrived in Sao Paulo!

We flew from Auckland via Santiago and Montevideo arriving almost 24 hours later but 16 hours behind in time! Moving through immigration and customs was quick and painless. The ATM's at the airport weren't working but luckily we could pay for our taxi with credit card.

The traffic wasn't heavy but there are some pretty crazy drivers! I was surprised we didn't see an accident on our way in to Moema.

We arrived at our apartment block (short term rental) and after some back and forth with the night guard he gave us the card key that had been left for us.

We were absolutely starving by now so we popped out to find a restaurant or cafe to get a quick bite to eat. There was a place on the opposite corner - not only were they open for food they had a very cool jazz club upstairs. Since we had our bebe with us we stayed downstairs and had a lovely meal. Now there are very few places in London you could find serving food at 11pm! (ignoring kebab shops and 24 hour McDonalds). SP 1 - 0 London

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