Wednesday, 10 March 2010

On our way

We have been planning this move to Brazil for some time. We were initially supposed to move to SP in January 2009 with my husband’s old company. The move was cancelled due to the downturn in the economy and then a few months later I found I was pregnant. So we delayed our move to Brazil until after Sophie was born (21st August 2009) and started planning once again. Tim resigned and we left London on the 29th December 2009. We’ve been travelling slowly through Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand visiting family and friends along the way.

We’re not quite in Brazil yet. Our flight out on the 2nd March was postponed due to the 8.8 earthquake on the 27th February in Concepcion, Chile. The airport in Santiago was closed as there was some damage. We have to fly through Santiago as it’s the only South American city that we can fly direct to from New Zealand. We had an onward flight to Sao Paulo via Uruguay.

They had initially said that we wouldn’t be able to fly until the 16th but Tim was able to change that until the 9th. We’ve been enjoying a lovely additional week’s holiday in Coromandel but at the same time are itching to get to Brazil to start our new lives.

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