Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Cozinha - The Kitchen

The kitchen sink only has a cold water tap - no hot water! I find it really strange and am always boiling water to do the dishes.

I have pots and pans of water boiling at any one time on the stove - they don't use electric kettles here either!! We will have to bring one back from the UK or US our next trip.

It's also not common to have toasters - we haven't been able to find one in the shops we've been to yet but will keep looking.


  1. To adorando ler da sua experiencia ai.... me faz lembrar de quando cheguei aqui e era tudo diferente.... o oposto no meu caso.


  2. carrefour! there are toasters (real toasters) at carrefour and i'm not talking about the sad-excuse-for-a-toaster-george foreman either. but i think they were about 60 reais or something. so toaster is easy, but now try to find an ice cream maker :P

  3. Thanks - will be making a trip to Carrefour this weekend!