Sunday, 21 March 2010

Rodizio Japanois

Next door we have a Temakaria - a Japanese restaurant that are known for their Temaki (hand rolls). Not only am I excited about having a Japanese restaurant right next door but they do a rodizio - which means all-you-can-eat! The idea of a rodizio is very popular here in Brazil. You can also have rodizio BBQ (also known as a churrasco), rodizio italian...

I forgot to take a picture of our order of temaki. It looked pretty impressive, nevertheless, we managed to get through a plate of 20 rolls, accompanied by a sakerinha (a caprinhia made with sake - delicioso!)

RAS – Robata & Art Sushi
Alameda dos Arapanés, 1.190
Moema - São Paulo - SP
Tel. (11) 3578-9545

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